Sand casts

They are among those productions that most affected Metal Leghe’s history. Today, as in past times, the company puts the utmost effort in accomplishments that use this type of process. The technical progress, the purchase of new equipment and the formation of high skill staff are the elements that have brought us to be able to successfully deal with all customers requests for bronze, aluminium, tin-bronze, copper-tin, copper-tin-lead and copper-aluminium castings.

Production is oriented to manufacturing small/medium series and unique specimens. The standards envisage the average production of small parts, 2 kg, up to 2.000 kg castings. We are in a position to follow through the whole technological process, from the design to the manufacture of semi-finished and finished products.

The production process includes both the “green” casting and the silicate sand solutions, with manual and automatic forming techniques..

Dimensional accuracy is high and surface finish is further improved by sandblasting/ shot peening.

We may prove that the manufactured parts fully comply with the set requirements via laboratory tests, destructive and non-destructive tests (certified in compliance with the EN 10204 Standard).

Typical applications are: pumps, valves, gears, rudders, propellers, propeller shaft supports, bushes and flanges, nuts, rollers, brasses and half-brasses, mechanical drive transmission parts, bearings, sleeves, jibs, shoes for roll spindles, dies, water cleaning filters, turbine joints, welding machine components and hydraulic parts.

Metal Leghe also avails of the co-operation of specialized technical staff and external consultants who can offer 360-degree solutions: from the design to the final product stage. Our great flexibility allows each customer’s request to always get the most suitable solution.


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