Rolled – forged parts

The market development in the field of roller and forged products has proved Metal Leghe to be capable of being a top-rank leading player at all times. That is why we have been able to develop, on an in-house basis, an extremely flexible rolling line to make rectangular-section bars made from bronze, aluminium and brass alloys, with width ranging from 30 mm to 500 mm, and between 20 mm and  200 mm in height.

Products featuring customized alloys and dimensions – also made as unique specimens, with a 300 Kg minimum heat, and difficult to find on the market – do not pose any problem for us. These features add to great competitiveness in terms of:

  • surface finish and stock
  • minimized defects
  • low costs
  • shorter production times
  • improved mechanical properties owing to the decomposition of the coarse solidification structure, homogeneity, the composition and welding of all solidification defects that are found in the ingot
  • cuts performed in compliance with the customer’s needs

Typical applications of this sort of products are: friction slides, jig wear slides, standardized elements, drawing plates, stainless steel dies, glass and plastic, small metal products, pressure die casting pistons, punches, matrixes, valve stems.

Metal Leghe also avails of the co-operation of specialized technical staff and external consultants who can offer 360-degree solutions: from the design to the final product stage. Our great flexibility allows each customer’s request to always get the most suitable solution.


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