Foundry Metal Leghe

Metal Leghe has over 50 years of experience in copper, bronze, brass, aluminium and white metal casting. Our products suit all applications in the food processing, chemical, petrochemical, mechanical and shipbuilding industries, as well as in civil engineering and in arts. Our company has consolidated expertise and skills to quickly meet all requirements set by our most sophisticated and exacting customers, thus ensuring the finest quality for all sorts of performance. Moreover, Metal Leghe avails of high skill staff and a flexible organizationthat are capable of fulfilling and keeping abreast of the ongoing market developments not only in terms of production, but also on the services front.

Our cutting-edge casting and processing technologies enable us to manufacture products whose internal structure features a balanced-grain pattern, with neither impurities nor defects. These characteristics allow our products to be used within a wide range of applications with guaranteed safety and low costs, and maintain the best performance levels even in the most critical applications. Our finely selected raw materials come from the best metal refineries and are all rigorously inspected in respect with their mechanical and chemical properties.


Besides the standard production, Metal Leghe is also in a position to provide customized processing (unique parts) at the customerís specific request. Metal Leghe is sensitive to the changing trends of the mechanical and the steel industries and is an active member of Assofond and Assomet, the main trade associations which, through a number of initiatives (refresher courses, legal advice, technological analyses and the like), promotes quality improvements in our services.

Once more Metal Leghe wins for quality and innovation

It is proved by the recent certificate obtained: it’s about the eminent Lloyd’s Register, the certification to realise copper alloys casts, especially bronze-aluminium ones whose maximum weight is 0,30 tons, in shipbuilding. The acknowledgment, which holds for three years, shows Metal Leghe’s ongoing commitment to improving and checking the inner procedures throughout the entire phase of production. The authentication is considered a milestone that only capable, serious companies, marked by innovation, are able to get. In Italy only 4 foundries have available this type of validation and Metal Leghe is one at the top.